Booking Form

Corse and Staunton Village Hall Booking Enquiry

Section 1 – Hirer Details

Section 2 – Booking Details

For Block or regular bookings please contact our bookings secretary to discuss.

Section 3 – Insurance

Public Liability Insurance cover is required by all clubs, organisations and individuals who may, by their actions or omissions, cause others harm whilst in the building.

If your booking involves coaching/teaching/instruction or equivalent you must submit a copy of your insurance certificate.

If you are unsure if your booking requires insurance please contact your insurance company.

Section 4 – Declaration

I agree to be bound by the Conditions of Let and Hire Charges Schedule available on the Corse and Staunton Village Hall website, and agree that the delivery of the Confirmation of Let will be binding acceptance of this booking. Submitting this form with the checkbox below ticked is equivalent to signing the printed version.

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