A PAT (Portable Appliance Test) 'Party' at Corse and Staunton Village Hall 

Please check back later in the year for the 2015 date 

Like all premises where members of the public have access to portable (plug-in) electrical appliances, the hall has to have those appliances 'PAT' tested. The testing happens annually in March. The cost is a per-appliance charge plus a visit charge. This makes sense for an organisation with as many appliances as we have, but for smaller ones the visit charge is disproportionate.

In future we will be offering tests to local small businesses and organisations. The test itself will have to be paid for, but the visit charge will be absorbed by the Village Hall. We hope that this will help local people to comply with the regulations.

If you run a business where employees, customers or the public can come into contact with electrical appliances that are not wired in, such as kettles, table lamps, vacuum cleaners etc., then the law requires that they be tested annually. It applies to churches, farms and B&Bs as well as more obvious businesses.

 The company that performs the tests for us will keep the legally required records for businesses, but it may be that smaller organisations can be regarded as extensions of the Village Hall for record purposes. The company is still working out the details. In any case it would help considerably if anyone wanting to take up this offer let us know beforehand so that we can judge demand.