Exit Procedure Checklist

This Checklist has been compiled to help eliminate concerns about whether anything has been forgotten as you finally leave the Village Hall.

 All fire doors closed and secured:

 Double door at the bottom end of the main hall

 Kitchen Door

 Back corridor


All Widows closed Curtains Closed (Winter Months only)

No taps running

Water Heaters turned off (switches for both kitchen and toilet heaters are above the alarm control panel by the front door

Heating thermostats turned back to 10 °C ( In Annex and Main Hall)

Hall(s) kitchen and toilets left tidy (dustpan, brushes, vacuum cleaner can be found in the store by the left hand side of the stage).

All lights turned off (double check toilets)

In the winter push the timer button off to set delay for switching off outside lighting,

Turn off light switch for outside lights