The Corse and Staunton Village Hall '100' Club is an integral part of financing the upkeep of the Village Hall i.e. insurance, heating lighting and maintenance together with funding improvements to the hall itself. Like any property these are a constant ongoing drain on our finances.


During 2010 the trustees have upgraded the annex, painted the outside of the building, improved the stage wall and access not only to the stage but also the storage areas each side of the stage.


The '100'Club costs £12.00 per year for a numbered ball to be entered into the monthly draw for a First, Second, Third and Fourth monetary prize. The '100'Club year runs from the beginning of March to the end of February each year.


It is hoped that if you are already a member of the '100'Club, you will continue to support us by re subscribing and forwarding your cheque for £12.00 per entry by the end of February. Please make cheques payable to 'Corse and Staunton Village Hall 100 Club' and forward to Mrs Rena Harley, Orchard Rise, School Crescent, Corse, Gloucestershire. GL19 3RE


IF you are not a member of the '100'Club can you be persuaded to join and support the Village Hall which has been in existence for over fifty years for the benefit of the community.